Everyone should have access to affordable medical treatment.

Live shall not be list because they could not afford to pay their medical bills.

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GatherCare Program Service

GatherCare Sdn Bhd is a medical service solution technology company. We provide the below services:-

  • Grouping people by providing them RM 1 million medical protection thru technology platform.
  • Resolve the process of admission to hospital and discharge from hospital.
  • Professional medical doctor to review and pay the medical bill.
  • 24 Hours Medical Inquiry Support.

Gideon Leong | Founder & CEO

"The concept of crowd share will be the trend of future development! Since ancient times, the spirit of helping each other is a virtue regardless of races.

Today, GatherCare uses the help of technology, laws, and business models to create a perfect platform for us to help each other. All Sharers in GatherCare is willing to pay maximum RM50 per month who help people whoa re sick in GatherCare Community. "

First Medical Fees Sharing App of its kind in Malaysia

We are the country’s pioneer medical fees sharing platform, called GatherCare (previously known as Life Engineering) to helps cover community’s hospitalisation fees and crowd shares medical costs for a maximum cap of RM50 a month per sharer. While crowd sharing isn’t a new concept and has been practiced for ages, we’ve turned the idea into a unique platform that enables greater mass participation and medical cost reduction.

GatherCare is not an insurance or takaful, but an alternative solution to medical costs by providing a platform for people to come together to form a community and share their medical bill through program.

"In GatherCare Platform, every single cents that you contributes every month is to help someone who are sick and in need of treatment. By joining GatherCare, you are helping someone within the community every month. When you are sick or in need of treatment, other sharers will help you in your medical cost. This crowd sharing concept will definitely be the future trend.

Gideon Leong | Founder & CEO

Benefits of GatherCare

With less than RM50* per month, your medical bills are covered. No additional charges, commission or administration fees will be charged!
* Smokers commit 1.2 times the usual payment amount.

We cover all major hospitals in Malaysia, including 117 private hospitals and 125 public or government hospitals. Get medical assistance, no matter where you are in Malaysia.

We DO NOT hold your money. Rest assured, your commitment is kept safe in a Trustee account managed by an established trustee services company – Ong and Manecksha, Advocates & Solicitors

All hospital bills will be processed, audited and approved by our partner Professional Medical Auditor, e-Mas, for efficient medical assistance in your time of need.
As soon as you are hospitalized, GatherCare will fork out the money first to cover your medical expenses, when discharged only reimburse the cost from crowd sharing pool kept at Appointed Ong and Manecksha

Get the additional support of a professional second opinion from our partner Professional Medical Auditor, e-MAS, via email (response assured within 48 hours).

We crowd share your medical bills for lifetime with no age limit, as long as you are an eligible sharer when you sign up for GatherCare Program.

By crowd sharing, we can collectively reduce rising (if not, exorbitant) medical costs, and help others gain better access to medical care.

We strive to reduce the number of death bu illnesses that is the direct result of high cost for sophisticated treatments, which many can’t afford. We will make these available once we gather enough support.

Gideon Leong | Founder & CEO

"There will not be conflict of interest between the management party and the sharers on GatherCare platform because GatherCare management team will not contribute any money when a sharers enter the hospital for surgery or treatment, the medical expenses are shared by all sharers. Therefore when the management team rejects any admission application, it's not because we are losing money, but for the fairness and justice to all. We must make sure that the funds of all sharers are safe and prevent anyone who are dishonest or abusing GatherCare platform from benefiting and deceiving. Every regulation set by GatherCare is gto safeguard every sharers."

Healthcare is Broken
We're on a Mission to Save It!!

Crowd sharing isn’t new. From days of old, whole communities have been joining forces to help a fellow neighbour in need or attend to a sudden health emergency, pooling together their resources for the common good. The saying “There is strength in numbers” rings loud and true, and it forms the basis for why we do what we do at GatherCare.

Meet Our Amazing Partners

GatherCare is a Reliable Program Thanks to Them

Eximius Medical Administration Solutions (e-Mas)

Trusted Partners and reliable support in your time of need. We have formed strategic partnerships with e-Mas to ensure fair, fast and trusted operations. e-Mas is a recognised medical billing claims administration solutions company (Professional Medical Auditor).

Ong and Manecksha, Advocates & Solicitors

Transparent, above-board operations and communications. All crowd shared medical cases will be published and made known to the public under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). No hidden costs are involved such as commission, administration and operation fees.

Afsha Shariah Advisory

We provide Shariah-compliant audit services to help clients evaluate and ensure that all activities, services and products they provide are in compliance with Shariah laws and principles, as well as standards and rules established by regulatory agencies and customers. We are transparent, non investment / gambling related and trustworthy.

"The intention of GatherCare was to solve the problem of unpredictable expensive medical treatment cost for the public. We know that as long as we are able to maintain the maximum of crowd share fund at RM50, many people will join in this platform and GatherCare can only start earning profit when our community grows. Therefore, we will make sure that GatherCare is always fair and transparent in order grow rapidly. Our profit will from sharers' yearly subscription fees of RM360."

Gideon Leong | Founder & CEO

GatherCare Success Cases

Case: Elbow Sprain

This Sharer joined for 18 months and contributed total of RM 89.35. Unfortunately, he sprained his elbow and GatherCare covered his full medical cost of RM39,934.30. 

Case: Urethral Stones

This Sharer joined for 30 months and contributed total of RM 133.28. He was admitted for Urethral Stone Removal and GatherCare covered his full surgery cost of RM22,864.50. 

Case: Ovarian Cyst

This Sharer joined for 28 months and contributed total of RM 121.06. She was admitted for Ovarian Cyst Removal and GatherCare covered her full surgery cost of RM11,432.95.