Cases Highlights - GatherCare

Real Case Study

Some cases that we come across  from time to time are unique under their own circumstances. For these special cases, we’ll find ways we can deal with them without infringing on anybody’s rights. Gathercare as a truly transparent and fair for all program, we do not leave a stone unturned. We try  to demonstrate the situations as precisely as possible to serve as references for things to do, to avoid, and to deliberate on into the future.

A community driven program such Gathercare is one puts the rights of the participants at the forefront before anything else. eMas works as a functioning arm to deflect any attempt to overcharge, or overtreat a patient as a way to justify overcharging, which activities are one of the cause of medical cost inflation.

This is a community based program where your action as a member affects all the others, and the rights of everyone on this platform have to be put on the highest pedestal to be respected and protected.

As a Sharer, you're free to roam the land of this country and chances are, you'll still be able find one panel hospital in your vicinity. Gathercare is supported by more than 250 panel hospitals all across Malaysia.

Gathercare as a private entity does NOT gain any monetary advantage by withholding or rejecting claims. Your unclaimed "premium" does not turn into our profits hence we don't inspect every microscopic holes in your case to use as a basis to reject your claims.

insurance deductibles

If you look for cheaper monthly premium, you'll be greeted by insurance plans with deductibles. This is basically a commitment that you'd have to come up with some cash of your own for your hospitalization. Normally it is set at certain amount or percentage.