GatherCare Program

Medical Protection that gives you everything

with Monthly Fees Ranging From RM0 - RM50 only

RM 1,000,000
Medical Protection

Increase by RM 200,000 yearly

RM 100,000
Annual Outpatient Cancer

Electrotherapy and Chemotherapy only

RM 20,000
Accidental Medical Protection

For first 0 - 60 Days only

RM 5,000
Bereavement Payment

Increase by RM 1,000 yearly

Up to RM 3,000
Covid 19 Cash Allowance

Maximum 30 days if admitted, RM 100 per day
* Only valid till 31st Dec 2021

Room & Board / 4-Bedded Ward

Limited to 120 days per year

RM 250
Ambulance Service

This is a Lifetime Program

GatherCare is officially certified as Shariah Compliant by Afsha Shariah Advisory and within precise judgement by the authotrities

GatherCare is a totally Transparent, Non-Investment / Gambling Related & Trustworthy platform.

The concept of paying for only RM0 - RM50 per month is calculated by Actuary & proven safe by our Singaporean based Chief Risk Officer.

Throughout all these years since GatherCare was founded, the average monthly commitment is only RM9.80!!

How much do I need to pay per month?

Below are few situations on how we calculate your monthly commitment and how we keep it from RM0 - RM50 per month.

Situation 1

Medical expenses of this month =

RM 100,000

Divide by

Number of Sharers in the month =


Each Sharer Crowd Shares for
RM10 only for this month

Situation 2

Medical expenses of this month =

RM 0

Divide by

Number of Sharers in the month =


Each Sharer Crowd Shares for
RM0 for this month

Situation 3

Medical expenses of this month =

RM 600,000

Divide by

Number of Sharers in the month =


Each Sharer Crowd Shares for RM50 only (Maximum Cap)

The balance RM10 will be carried forward to next month.

GatherCare Fees & Payment Structure (Annually)

RM360 Annual Fee

To cover the costs of administering this program, overhead, and marketing.


RM100 Sharing Deposit

RM 0 - RM 50 will auto deduct from this Sharing Deposit. Click here to understand more


RM2.25 Razer Payment Gateway

This is for the payment gateway handling fee

= Total RM 462.99

First time payment, it will be divided into Two successive Instalments

1st Payment = RM262.99 (1st month)

Upon successful online registration + RM 2.99 Razer Gateway Handling Fee

2nd Payment = RM200 (2nd month)

30 days after registration, deducted automatically from your credit / debit card

Concept of GatherCare Sharing Deposit

Sharing Deposit = RM 100

Every Sharer will put aside a Sharing Deposit presently set at RM100, as his or her future contribution of their Share towards the monthly crows share. When the Sharing Deposit falls below or equals to RM50, the Sharer's Credit Card / Debit Card will be automatically debited with an amount required to bring the balance of the Sharing Deposit back to RM100.

The Sharing Deposit is in safekeeping under a trust account managed by the Appointed Trustee - Ong and Manecksha, Advocates & Solicitors . This account is used solely for medical crowd sharing purposes matching Sharers' Actual Crowd Share Amount to the last cent. The trust account is placed under an Islamic banking account to be fully Shariah complaint and insured with under a Professional Indemnity Insurance to ensure extra security on your Sharing Deposit.

Situation 1

Each Sharer Crowd Shared RM10 for the month

RM10 will be deducted from Sharing Deposit
RM100 - RM10 = RM90

Since Sharing Deposit is above RM50, Sharer's credit card / debit card will NOT be debited. Balance left in Sharing Deposit will be RM90.

Situation 2

Each Sharer Crowd Shared RM50 for the month

RM50 will be deducted from Sharing Deposit
RM100 - RM50 = RM50

Since Sharing Deposit is left with RM50, Sharer's credit card / debit card will be automatically debited with RM50 to bring the balance of Sharing Deposit back to RM100.

Am I Eligible to Join?

You are eligible if you fulfil all four requirements stated below

Malaysian Only

This Program is open to any individual Malaysian of any race and ethnicity who are residing in Malaysia. However, only Medical Expenses incurred in Malaysia and provided by or under the direction of a Panel Hospital are eligible for sharing under this Program.

Age 6 - 40

This Program is available to healthy individual aged between 6 years and 40 years. Gathercare does gradually expand the age limit of this Program from time to time to include those aged below 6 or above 40 years subject to the different ratio of Monthly Share Pledge that reflects their respective health risk due to age.

Currently Healthy & Active

A person’s health status may affect on his eligibility to join this Program. A person is required to disclose any Pre-Existing Condition to Gathercare during the signing up process.

Honest Community Player

Sharers are required to make a list of declarations about their health condition and lifestyle as well as fully understand the core principles of the Program in immediate disqualification, This is to ensure all sharers share same spirit of connecting individuals passionate about improving the way the community live by sharing each other’s burden and caring about each other’s well being particularly in the area of healthcare.

How long is the Waiting Period?

0 - 60 Days from Registration Date

RM 20,000 for personal accident medical protection only

61 - 180 Days from Registration Date

RM 1,000,000 Admission to the hospital for below listed circumstances only

Dengue Fever, Accidental Injury, Flu, Fever, Gastritis, Fractures, Cuts

After 180 Days from Registration Date

RM 100,000 Cancer Treatment Expenses

(electrotherapy and chemotherapy), but do not include consultation fees, administrative fees, medical report fees, and other drug.

RM 1,000,000 Admission Treatment Costs for All below listed circumstances only

- Hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease;
- Any type , including tumors, cancers, cysts, nodules, and polyps;
- Stones in the urinary system and biliary system;
- Any disease related to the ears, nose (including sinuses) or throat;
- Hernia, hermorrhoids, fistula, hydrocele, or varicocele;
- Any disease related to the reproductive system including endometriosis;
- Any spinal disease (including herniated disc) or any knee joint disease;
- Serious illness including stoke, heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, coronary artery by-pass surgery, serious coronary artery disease, angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery disease, end-stage liver failure, fulminant viral hepatitides, coma, benign brain tumour, paralysis of limbs, blindness, deafness, third degree burns, HIV in fection due to blood transfusion, occupationally acquired human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, full-blown AIDS, end-stage lung disease, encephalitis major organ / bone marrow transplant, loss of speech, brain surgery, heart valve surgery, terminal illness, loss of independent existence, bacterial meningitis, major head trauma, chronic aplastic anaemia, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer's Disease / Severe Dementia, Muscular Dystrophy, Surgery to Aorta, Multiple Sclerosis, Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Medullary Cystic Disease, Cardiomyopathy, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Severe Kidney Complications

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