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More Than 250 Panel Hospitals. But Still, Check To Be Sure

As a Sharer, you’re free to roam the land of this country and chances are, you’ll still be able find at least one panel hospital in your vicinity. Gathercare is supported by more than 250 panel hospitals all across Malaysia. But then again, there are more than 370 hospitals in total in Malaysia. As widely covered as Gathercare is, you might still end up in the wrong hospital if you didn’t consult this list before you go.

When that happens, your bills will not be covered. A 40 years old man was having stuffy nose, which must’ve been really badly clogged up that he went straight to KPJ Batu Pahat seeking remedies. It didn’t occur to him that the hospital was not in our list hence his case was rejected.

In cases like this, first consulting a neighbourhood clinic will be our advice as his condition may be treated as outpatient anyway.

While we want you benefit from this program, we must also uphold fairness for everyone else in the community by not incurring unwarranted treatment costs. Please consult our panel of medical experts in eMas (03-4041 3627) before proceeding if you’re unsure about your diagnosis.

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