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Gathercare is proving itself to be a legit and safeguarded program by erecting a wall between where we stand and the other side where crooks, dodgy dealers and scammers all reside.

Peraduan cabutan bertuah Gather Raya secara rasminya telah ditutup pada 15 Mei 2022 yang lepas.Terima kasih kepada semua yang telah mendaftar menjadi Ahli Pekongsi (Sharer) Gathercare dalam tempoh peraduan. Anda dapat nikmati perlindungan perubatan melalui konsep perkongsian yang pertama di Malaysia!

Gather Raya Lucky Draw

Mudah sahaja, anda cuma perlu mendaftar sebagai Pekongsi Gathercare dalam tempoh promosi Gather Raya ini. Jika anda mendaftar, anda akan mendapat satu penyertaan, tetapi jika anda juga mendaftar bagi anak-anak anda, setiap pendaftaran akan menerima satu penyertaan. Ini bermakna, lebih peluang untuk anda memenangi cabutan bertuah ini!

We are 5 years old!

What started as Life Engineering 5 years ago, from 0 Sharer, Gathercare has now amassed the trust of more than 5000 people who are willing to contribute towards the community in reducing the impact of rising medical costs. In total, RM631,939.79 have been pooled and shared to repay for 129 medical cases.

5000 Sharers

Thank you 5000 Sharers for your trust , joining this community can help others as well as yourself, so that everyone can enjoy RM1 million in high quality medical coverage! In this community, everyone can get the most complete medical protection and go through each day in peace, instead of in pieces.

Being a new player, Gathercare might appear to be coming against the established old-timers (read insurance companies). Just like Grab a few years ago, we’re at the initial stage where pushbacks are expected from the industry and the public alike.