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We Value The Rights of Our Customers

The difficult thing about bringing a novel concept to the market is that it often takes a lot of persuasion to sway the perception of the public to accept it. Gathercare is the epitome of such conundrum. Even after 5 years, the skeptics are still very much hanging strong to their staunch position.

Things are slowly changing. At the point of writing, there’re more than 5200 people have embraced the better way of securing their future of medical protection through the Crowd Sharing concept. Their conviction is supported by the fact that Gathercare has never failed any single claim, and every beneficiary had been very well compensated.

We’ve been banging our own drums, and tooting our own trumpets to drown out the negative accusations thrown against us. For the average consumers though, the environment has become too noisy for them to make any kind of meaningful decision.

We need an authority to speak on our behalf, to plaster much needed confidence among the public. Gathercare has engaged with World Consumer’s Protection Chamber of Commerce, WPCC to certify that our program is as pure as the driven snow.

Gathercare is officially awarded the Consumer Protection Certification, and registered as a member of WPCC.

WPCC Certificate

Consumer Protection is one of Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN) programs to protect consumers from various business malpractice activities such as scams, unfair trading, e-crime, unsafe goods, and others. MTPN is one division under Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, KPDNHEP.

We understand that every consumer has the right to demand safe goods and services. Hence we had subjected every aspect of our services to great scrutiny to ensure absolute transparency and fairness. Gathercare is proving itself to be a legit and safeguarded program by erecting a wall between where we stand and the other side where crooks, dodgy dealers and scammers all reside.

This is a credit label that benefits consumers as well as businesses through a memorandum of understanding that protects both parties. Apart from giving us validation, this allows users to trust our products more without hesitation, use Gathercare services with peace of mind.

For consumers, your rights is in your hands. This certification opens the door for you to act on your behalf if you found yourself somehow unfairly treated, or victimized by any element while using Gathercare services. You can reach directly to MTPN to raise your concerns. https://mtpn.org.my/borang-aduan-mtpn-online/

Our reference registration number: WCPCC-MY14CP2204-042

Spread the word about Gathercare and together we can help even more people and lower the burden for everybody!

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