e-Mas Panel Hospital

Cashless Hospital Admission Steps

Step 1:
Get a referral letter from the clinic to certify your health condition is critical & hospital admission is required.

Note: GatherCare will not pay for clinic / hospital consultation fees if you do not need to admit to the hospital. Therefore, visiting the clinic first will help to save your cost as consultation fees at clinic is much lower compared to the private hospital

Step 3:
Doctor confirms admission is needed.

Step 4:
Present GatherCare's e-card and your NRIC to hospital counter.

Step 5:
Hospital calls to get an admission approval & guarantee letter from e-Mas.

Step 6:
Obtain medical treatment with peace of mind.

Step 7:
Discharge from hospital. GatherCare will pays your medical bill through e-Mas.

Widest Coverage Across Malaysia

e-Mas covers 117 private hospitals and 135 government hospitals.
Get access to medical assistance no matter where you are in the country,
privileged for GatherCare Sharers.

Contact e-Mas for Admission @ +603 – 4041 3627

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