Breaking the vicious concept of Health = Money - GatherCare

Breaking the vicious concept of Health = Money

How Can Gathercare Help Stifle Medical Care Inflation?

When I first joined this program, I was perplexed when I heard that this program is actively fighting the rise of medical care cost, pushing it lower so that everybody can gain access to high quality medical care without breaking the bank. I was like, how?

“Aren’t you just carving new pathways for people to access quality healthcare? You’re essentially building up more demands for private medical institution and they could continue to charge exorbitant prices since more people are now able to make payments via new channels”, so I thought.

Here’s where eMas comes into the picture. Eximius Medical Administration Solution, a a recognized medical billing and claims administration solutions company who has been our partner since the very beginning.

Other than administering hospital admissions, eMas also reviews medical bills to ensure the price, the treatments, and the diagnosis are fit for each other. The practice of overtreating patients is a real issue in the healthcare industry.

Overtreatment Itself is a Disease

A community driven program such Gathercare is one puts the rights of the participants at the forefront before anything else. eMas works as a functioning arm to deflect any attempt to overcharge, or overtreat a patient as a way to justify overcharging, which activities are one of the cause of medical cost inflation. You can see how this scenario played out in the recent case involving one of our Sharers.

A brief explanation, a Sharer went to an undisclosed hospital to get his appendix removed and the bill was estimated at a whopping RM30k!

That is a rise of more than 50% when considering a such similar case was recorded on the 27th of August 2021 returning a bill of just RM18k. Using this as reference, eMas leapt into action practically haggled on behalf of the community.

And it worked.

From RM30k down to just RM14k, that’s superhuman bargaining skill right there. Everybody was happy that they didn’t go through with the initial estimate, the Gathercare community would have to foot all of it through increased amount of monthly Crowd Share. it’d definitely be classified as wastage which Gathercare program is strictly opposed to.

The Takeaway

This is the core strength that had steered 5000 plus people towards trusting Gathercare. We managed to evade an inflated medical bill to be passed on to our community. There’re more cases like this that went into the background of what we do everyday.

Gathercare’s promise is to be the beacon of hope in fixing the cracks in the healthcare system from the bottom up. Yes we might still be considered small and that’s why we need your support today more than anything. Help us to become a success in realizing our mission to help more people gaining optimal health, regardless of their level of financial means.

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