Crowd Share #54 – RM 24,050.47

24th September 2021, we look at 4 medical cases with the total amount of RM30,467.00 to be shared this round.

One of the cases is a Covid-19 case. As announced last year, GC provides RM100 daily hospitalization allowance for Sharers who are confirmed Covid positive. These allowances, just like cumulative medical bills, are eligible for sharing in monthly Crowd Share.

Aren’t you curious about what made the total RM30,467.00 Crowd Share? Follow the stories of all 4 medical cases in the images in this post.

We have the strength in the community. Up to 24th Sep 2021, we now have 2957 Active Sharers, of those, 345 were smokers who shall contribute 1.2 times more than the regular sharer. Breakdown of this month’s Crowd Share as below;

(Cases total amount – Last month’s rounding adjustment = Crowd Share eligible amount) RM30467.00 – RM22.34 = RM30444.66.