Can you claim insurance deductibles from Gathercare?

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When you use Gathercare for admission, you have to be aware that your decision will increase the crowd sharing amount in the upcoming month which is affecting everyone in the community. Although everyone has stated their pledge, out of goodwill one would be expected to have the consciousness to avoid stacking the burden onto the community.

When available, please prioritize the use of your corresponding medical insurance / medical card, even if they do come with deductibles. More on that later, but first;

Gathercare as a private entity does NOT gain any monetary advantage by avoiding claims, nor do we seek to reject as many claims as possible to increase our margin. Our rice bowl is not at all attached to each individual cases.

Gathercare promises cashless hospital admissions just like many more expensive health insurances do. If you look for cheaper monthly premium, you’ll be greeted by insurance plans with deductibles. This is basically a commitment that you’d have to come up with some cash of your own for your hospitalization. Normally it is set at certain amount or percentage.

Mr. S is one of our Sharers who also owns another medical plan with deductibles . During his admission, he chose to use his own medical insurance to cover the expenses, totaling RM17k and out of that, RM500 was the deductibles. This excess of charges is claimable through Gathercare program subjected to approval (case by case basis), which was granted for his case on July 2020.

By doing this, Mr. S has actually saved everybody from footing his RM17 bill, and the deductibles costed RM500 only which is just a tiny slap for the large community.

Do look forward to another new similar case on December 2021. Total bill was RM7k+, and RM400+ deductible was claimed through Gathercare.

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