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Crowd Share #62 – RM42575.50 – [05/22]

25/04/2022 – 24/5/2022 Cumulative Bills Brought Forward Not Yet Shared RM0.00 Total medical bills + bereavement payment Total number of cases RM42575.50 7 Total amount to be shared Cases shared RM42536.90 7 Up to 24th MAY 2022, we have 5286 Active Sharers, of those, smokers who shall contribute 1.2 times more than the regular sharers. Breakdown …

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Ignore, Laugh, Fight, Then Win!

Being a new player, Gathercare might appear to be coming against the established old-timers (read insurance companies). Just like Grab a few years ago, we’re at the initial stage where pushbacks are expected from the industry and the public alike.