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About Gathercare

Founding Story of Gathercare

In 2016, a 21 years old girl from Singapore fell into a comma and was admitted to Singapore hospital. Diagnosed with acute hepatitis, her parents had to contempt with the reality that their beloved needed no less than a liver transplant to improve her condition.

The family was hit with an equivalent of a whopping RM1.5 million bills to proceed with the procedure. That’s not the amount they could come up with in such a short notice. They went for the fundraising route but before they could even raise RM300k just for the deposit, 2 weeks later the girl was fated to meet her maker on the 25th of February.

The heart-breaking story had shed tears of many. Just why, does one has to suffer and only begin to raise fund when the urgency is already at peak? This thought was a genuine curiosity of Gideon Leong, who later founded Life Engineering, which was rebranded to now, GatherCare.

At this point, he realized that the episode was too painful to befall another soul, and something had to be done. Gideon went on to devise a plan. He worked with his manager, Chun Sian on the drawing board, perfecting the concept for three years before a medical cost crowd sharing platform was born.

Life Engineering, a brainchild of Gideon and his like-minded partners was launched on March 2017 as a true crowd sharing platform. Rebranding was done in 2020 turning Life Engineering into GatherCare. GatherCare aims to simplify seeking medical help with the most convenient way possible.

Is Now

Reasons for rebranding

Everything in the Name

Life Engineering has been in the market since 2017. By the end of 2019, it has received a total of 2,000 Sharers. But curiosity arises among the general public about the nature of this program. The name Life Engineering often mistaken with something inline with biotech industry, which it is definitely not.

To address this confusion, the rebranding exercise was proposed. Gathercare is now the official program administered by Gather Care Sdn Bhd.

Domain Difficulty

Life Engineering website resides under the url ://lifeengineering.my,
but instead we would rather it be ://lifeengineering.com. We were late to the party whereby the url with .com extension was already taken by other business from another continent.

Search engines has an appetite for websites with .com extensions for them to appear internationally. To prepare for our venture outside of the Malaysian border (Singapore in the pipeline), it's high time for a rebranding together with an all new domain name which is now www.gathercare.com

Better UI with Better Benefits

As a thank you note to early adopters (our 2000 Sharers) we have upgraded the user interface (UI) for better experience.

And best of all, we are increasing our program benefits. Now more people from wider age group can be a part of this growing community. Please refer to Our Program page for details of this renewed list of coverage.

Gathercare Vision

Everyone should have access to affordable medical treatment.
Lives shall not be lost because they could not afford to pay their medical bills.

Gathercare Mission

Develop a completely subsidised medical system

Breaking the vicious concept of
Health = Money

Build a more comprehensive medical ecosystem

Promoting better health in our society through education of right lifestyle
and prevention measures.

Meet the Core Team of Gathercare

They make the impossible, possible

Gideon Leong | Founder & CEO

  • More than 20 years business experiences.
  • Founded a company and awarded Malaysia 2016 Top 10 new Startups.
  • Founded 4 companies in Total.
  • Successfully funded total of RM12m (7m from VC, 5m from crowd funding).

Raymond Cheung | Chief Risk Officer (Singapore)

  • 18 years in actuarial & risk management.
  • Graduated from NTU in Singapore.
  • Advisor of insure tech companies from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Indonesia.
  • 2 years of Regional Insurance Lead for Grab CRO of AIG Asia Pacific and Asia Capital Reinsurance Group.

Ravinder Singh | Reinsure & BD Advisor

  • More than 20 years experience on reinsure at Swiss Re & Hannover Re Company.
  • ex-General Manager of Life & Health for South & South East Asia of Hannover Re.
  • A licensed established Financial Advisor in Malaysia.

Dr. Kamalathan Sappani | Medical Advisor

  • More than 40 years in medical industry.
  • Graduated at JN Medical College Belgaum, Karnataka, India.
  • Founded a medical TPA, e-Mas.

Nicholas Yeo | Actuarial Advisor

  • Graduated as 1st honours of Cass Business School.
  • Founder of an actuarial firm.
  • Fellow of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries of UK & US.
  • Chairperson of Professional Development Committee and Events Committee of Actuarial Society of Malaysia. 

Meet Our Amazing Partners

GatherCare is a Reliable Program Thanks to Them

Eximius Medical Administration Solutions (e-Mas)

Trusted Partners and reliable support in your time of need. We have formed strategic partnerships with e-Mas to ensure fair, fast and trusted operations. e-Mas is a recognised medical billing claims administration solutions company (Professional Medical Auditor).

Ong and Manecksha, Advocates & Solicitors

Transparent, above-board operations and communications. All crowd shared medical cases will be published and made known to the public under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). No hidden costs are involved such as commission, administration and operation fees.

Afsha Shariah Advisory

We provide Shariah-compliant audit services to help clients evaluate and ensure that all activities, services and products they provide are in compliance with Shariah laws and principles, as well as standards and rules established by regulatory agencies and customers. We are transparent, non investment / gambling related and trustworthy.