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5000 Sharers

It’s a hooray moment for all of us now that we’ve crossed 5000 Sharers at the time of writing this piece. It’s been almost 5 years of blood sweat and tears to plan and lay down the solid foundation of a medical cost crowd sharing program, the first ever in Malaysia!

The same period last year we had about 2500 sharers, and today it has doubled! Thanks and congratulations to every Gathercare member who worked hard behind the scenes!

Many are already aware of the importance of taking precautionary measures because no one can predict the undesirable situations that may or will befall in their lifetime.

Thank you 5000 Sharers for your trust , joining this community can help others as well as yourself, so that everyone can enjoy RM1 million in high quality medical coverage! In this community, everyone can get the most complete medical protection and go through each day in peace, instead of in pieces.

Up to date, the sharers community has helped sharers in need of treatment in sharing a total of RM611,890.49 medical expenses (as of 24/1/2022)! This is not a small amount by any means, but as long as everyone comes together to share medical expenses, we can help those in need to overcome the difficulties.

Spread the word about Gathercare and together we can help even more people and lower the burden for everybody!

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